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“I’m terrible when it comes to talking to a camera, but Miles put me completely at ease. He helped me laugh and get what I wanted for the shots. He was able to capture my vision, with honest and ease filled direction and creative editing. I highly recommend Miles!”

“Miles is genius at the work he does. He is not only skilled in video production but is a pleasure to work with. He is motivating, great at creative direction, and a clear communicator. If you need video branding work- I recommend Seacoast Flash.”

“He is a creative and energetic partner and always got the job done in a timely fashion. Would recommend him without any hesitation!”

“Miles is an incredible person and videographer! He truly has an eye for bringing your vision and brand to life. Honored to get to work with him!”

“Seacoast Flash is a total blast to work with! Professional, friendly, on time and on point! You can tell that Miles LOVES what he does. He puts his whole creative self into his work!

“Miles is that rare combination of enthusiasm, experience, and creativity. Every time I call or have a new idea he is ready and willing and generous with additional creative input. I would highly recommend him and his work.”


Either by coming to your company or shooting you out in the community / at the studio- we work together to shoot a video that shares the scope of your brand. You chose the package you’d like based on the time you want to shoot with me.

Before the shoot we will talk about the vision, shot list, the locations, and anyone else that is going to be in the video. We will talk about what the voiceover will be if you chose to have that. Some go with just music, which I will help to select through a database of high quality royalty free music. Typical shots include b-roll shots, interior / exterior shots, interviews, testimonials, etc.


What type of videos do you shoot?

I am a brand videographer / content creator. I work with people and brands to help share and illustrate the work they do through testimonial videos, business overview videos, promotional videos, tutorial videos and event highlight / speaker videos. I shoot videos to help educate people on the work you do, the people you serve, the products you sell, and the services you offer.

Do you offer just video editing?

Yes, I do. Say you have either professional video footage, phone footage or photos that you would like edited with titles, transitions and music -we can totally do this for you.

Should I do a voiceover?

First, let’s define that one! A voiceover is a technique used in video where you (or someone who you think has a great voice) reads from a script that goes with the soundtrack of the video. I recommend a voiceover, either an interview style that cuts back from you to other shots or a straight voiceover with b-roll shots over the entire video. I believe a voiceover adds value and creates a more dynamic message for your brand video. It helps to support the visuals that are on screen.

What about the music for my video?

I partner with a subscription based service where I have access to over 30,000 songs so when the video is being edited I will select a track that best supports the work. You can be part of this process if you’d like as well!

What is a storyboard / shot list?

This is basically a dress rehearsal for your video. We will plan general shot ideas, camera angles, locations, outfits, models.

What if I am nervous on camera?

It is totally normal. I understand that part of my job, a big part, is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Do you have a teleprompter? 

Yes! This can be helpful for clients who are creating online courses and want to be on camera talking for a majority of the videos and need to hit specific topics etc.

How much do you help prepare people?

On our pre-shoot call we will generate a storyboard / shot list together as well as talking about what a great voiceover looks like. I understand most people don’t live in the video world so it is absolutely part of my job to help make this an accessible process for all.

How far out are you booking?

I am booking out about 2 weeks.

What do I need to bring to a brand shoot?

On our pre-shoot phone call we will chat about the ‘tools / props’ that you’ll bring along to the shoot. Anything to help illustrate what a client would experience once working with you. For example: a laptop, phone, books, a notebook, headphones, a few outfits, accessories, etc.

Should I book hair and make-up before the shoot?

I think the more effort and energy that goes into a brand shoot the better the product. If it’s possible- getting these services provides more confidence for you and does help how one translates in the final video production.

When do I get to see the video after the shoot?

You will see the first cut of your video within 3-4 weeks.

Can you travel to me?

I travel nationally and internationally.

What type of packages do you offer?

Once you send me a note I will share the different options! Ready to book your session? Click here!